H is for Hashtag

The other afternoon I decided to create my first hashtag. I don’t do Twitter, so I did it on Facebook. And since I only have 81 friends, in which only four of them have FM, I highly doubt that it will go viral. Is that the proper word? Go viral? I wish that I still... Continue Reading →


The Mesh Scandal —

It’s something you think may never happen to you. Some form of prolapse? No, surely not. A ‘small’ surgery that results in complications you would never have imagined? Nah. It’s something that can seem to embarrassing, so shameful, so humiliating, that women don’t talk about it. But these ops are affecting a host of people […]... Continue Reading →

A Poem – “Every Day”


I have to work so hard,

Every day,

For something that comes,

So easily,

For many others…

To be “Happy”

It’s an object, on a pedestal…

A light, that’s just out of reach…

A feeling, that I’ve yet to master…

And a word, that has lost its meaning…

Yet, I try, and try

To be worthy of this object…

To reach this light…

To master this feeling…

To reevaluate it’s meaning…

Every day,

Every day,

Every damn day!

-MJ Aragon

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Patience, Faith & Detachment.

Patience, Faith & Detachment. I have seen patience used as a way to create space and clarity before a decision is taken. Effectively a decision is delayed. We are often made to feel by others or even our-self that we MUST make the decision right now, immediately. But, I see that actually you can in […]... Continue Reading →

War Stories

The other day my husband accompanied me to an appointment with my surgeon about my amputation. The surgeon, who spins a decent yarn himself, asked my husband and I about his amputation story and the PA and nurses gathered around because they think we are such a sweet and perfectly matched couple. We caught one […]... Continue Reading →

Home Organization Ideas

You know those inexpensive magazine holders and file holders? They make wonderful DIY organizers for every room in your house. Those Dollar Store magazine holders cost about a dollar or so each and you can use them in so many wonderful ways. If you’ve been looking for a great way to organize your craft supplies... Continue Reading →

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