“What do you do for a living?”

I Tripped Over a Stone

What do you do for a living? Ah, yes. The dreaded question we all face when on disability. Even more so if we are enjoying ourselves at an event. OH-MY-GOD! What do I say?

“I’m retired, ever heard of a little thing called Yahoo?”

That was my immediate answer that caught people off guard, then to guide the conversation in a new direction I’d follow-up, lean in, and faking a loud whisper I would say;

“I’m really a kept woman, my man doesn’t want anyone to know.”

Then wait, (pregnant pause), I look at the face that asked me the question and start laughing, and the rest would join in. It worked like a charm. The topic was closed, and my secret was safe.

What you do for a living is your identity. But who you are, as a person is not defined by what you do.

Going to a social event doesn’t…

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