Taking a Shower with Fibromyalgia

Merbear's World

It’s been five days since I’ve taken a shower.

This will not do.

Although my American Bulldog Maya has been trying to groom me herself, dog spit does not a clean body make. It’s time for me to pull up my big girl britches and get my funky ass in the shower.

I’ll just wait until I finish reading this blog post and savor the last sip of my room temperture coffee.

Shit. Okay, enough stalling. Time to suck it up, Mer.

I sigh loudly for my own benefit and then climb the 14 stairs (thank God for railings) up to the bathroom. I make sure that there’s a semi clean towel available, then I place my shower chair in the bathtub.

It makes bath time lots of fun. (Sorry, Rubber Ducky.)

rubberduckie1970I really miss playing in the bathtub, don’t you?

I take off my clothes and turn the water…

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