The Power of words.


I love words. My words. Your words. Our words. And powerful, is there anything as powerful as the written word? I currently blog on I Tripped Over a Stonethe stone being Fibromyalgia Syndrome that I have had for a little over 20 years. But Stone in the Road is going to be a collection of stories, most about fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses as that is what I know. There will be posts about other topics I share written by amazing bloggers I come across.

On October 1st, 2015 fibromyalgia was officially entered into the ICD-10-CM as Fibromyalgia M79.9. This is the International Classification of Diseases Classification Manual. This is a manual used by physicians around the world. Finally, a disease I have endured since 1998 due to a car accident was acknowledged by the medical community. I am legitimate. So are many other women and men who have long been suffering from this disease.

The power of the written word…

Currently, there is a 9:1 ratio of women to men who suffer from Fibromyalgia Syndrome and both genders will be acknowledged. I will acknowledge their words and ideas, triumphs and defeats. I will give them one more page to share their stories on. Stone in the Road will be that page.

You are invited to read about authentic stories of people with Fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases. Remember to read off-topic posts, too. We are individuals first, we are not our disease.


I Tripped Over a Stone

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