The Power of words.

I love words. My words. Your words. Our words. And powerful, is there anything as powerful as the written word? I currently blog on I tripped over a stone... the stone being Fibromyalgia Syndrome that I have had for a little over 20 years. But Stone in the Road is going to be a collection of... Continue Reading →

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Finding Happy

It’s not a secret that my life isn’t exactly going as planned at the moment and at times the proverbial wrenches in the works are so outrageous that it’s almost as though God’s throwing the worst at me to see how I will respond like a modern day Job. I’m not going to lie, there […]... Continue Reading →

If Diets Don’t Work, What Does?

I made the HAES Pledge. That means I consider myself a “health at ever size” dietitian, someone who refuses to focus on weight and body size, honors diversity and promotes a healthy, sane lifestyle that includes fun movement and intuitive eating. I would love to pretend that everyone cares about their health and not just […]... Continue Reading →

Peace Lives Here.

Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Hot coffee. Cozy blankets. Birds singing. The sun rising. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Savour the sunshine. Taste every morsel. Dance with abandon. Stroll by the moonlight. Peace happens in moments. Not days. Not weeks. Not years. Breathe deeply into […]... Continue Reading →


The Hearing Loss Association of America‘s Walk4Hearing in North Carolina is coming up soon on October 15th, and I’ll be walking. (fates willing) Did you know that approximately 48 million people in the United States have a hearing loss? The goal of the Walk4Hearing is to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of hearing […]... Continue Reading →

Searching for Happiness

This post was put up for Throw Back Thursday by Scale It Simple and it really got me thinking. With the emphasis being placed on mindfulness and yet more in the press (UK) this week about mental health issues in teens – apparently a quarter of teen girls have experienced depression by the age of […]... Continue Reading →

Hiding in Plain Sight

My brother sent me this photo the other day. If you look very closely, you may be able to find the tiny tree frog hiding in there. Actually, he’s not hiding at all, but sitting out there in plain sight. That’s kind of how invisible illnesses are. They’re there, but because there don’t seem to […]... Continue Reading →

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