The Power of words.

I love words. My words. Your words. Our words. And powerful, is there anything as powerful as the written word? I currently blog on I Tripped Over a Stone... the stone being Fibromyalgia Syndrome that I have had for a little over 20 years. But Stone in the Road is going to be a collection of... Continue Reading →

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I am a Chronic Hot Mess

“What is wrong with you?” Is a question I am most frequently asked, it makes me cringe because where do I even start? Usually my response is “I am an autoimmune train wreck!” But for the purpose of this post and those who I am encouraging to read it, I need to be more specific. […]... Continue Reading →

How to Fight the Anxiety Beast

In February, for #BellLetsTaIk day and Time to Talk day, I spoke about my experience with anxiety. Many of us with chronic disease have dealt with anxiety at one stage or another. There is the anxiety of meeting a new doctor, the stress of multiple appointments, new symptoms, the worry about the future, and anxiety […]... Continue Reading →

Tired (via cleverlyquaint)

I have come to the conclusion that I am going to be stuck in Public Education/Special Education for the rest of my life!! I want out, but I cannot figure out how to translate my skills into marketable/desirable qualities for companies outside of education. I mean “Professional Cat Herder,” “Translator of Complex Concepts,” “Keeper of […]... Continue Reading →

Blood Pressure: What You Need to Know

I think blood pressure can be underrated and perhaps not always all that well understood unless we somehow learn we have a problem with it. As I posted recently about 5 of the best… via Blood Pressure : What You Need To Know — Invisibly Me

My Twelve Top Tips For Healing Insomnia

Does fibromyalgia cause insomnia or does insomnia cause fibromyalgia? I do not have a definitive answer. However, I do know that insomnia can wreak havoc on health and well being. I first succumbed to fibromyalgia in 2003, and insomnia took hold of my life for seven long years. 15 years later, my lifestyle has completely... Continue Reading →

What It’s Like Currently Being a Student in America

Queerly Texan

I’ve grown up in a post-Columbine world. The talk of school shootings is not something new to me, I’ve been taught how to prepare for one my whole life. I’ve spent hours siting in dark classrooms, huddled in the corner with my classmates praying it’s only a drill. As of February, there have been a total of 18 school shootings in 2018. The latest, taking place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman killed 17 people.

As a current student, this terrifies me. Many days I wake up wondering if I could be next. I’ve made action plans for every classroom I go to, in case I find myself in an active shooter situation. When I see students walking with their hands in a hoodie, I wonder if they’re concealing a gun. When I hear screaming in the hallway, I immediately think “where should I…

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